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International freight shipping to Thailand

Gravel and Stone Emporium
Posted by: Rob Logans

Good evening. I am with Gravel and Stone Emporium and we are going to be in need of an International freight shipping company in the coming weeks and I am hoping to find just that on this site. We are based out of Singapore and need to get a shipment to Thailand. The client will be taking delivery of the shipment just outside of Bangkok, the be specific. The shipment mentioned is going to be of marble and granite mainly. We have several large slabs in the order, like you would use for a counter top. But we also have some smaller pieces as well. I have a packing list for the shipment, if that will help with getting an accurate quote together. Just let me know. Basically, this high quality material is going to need to be handle with extra care given its fragility. I am looking for a freight shipping company that not only can handle this job because of the locations, but because of the care and attention that they will give us as their client. Please ask any questions you may have before bidding. Thank you.