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The International Cargo Shipping to Morocco Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in Morocco.We list Morocco shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from Morocco.Services provided are: Morocco air cargo, Morocco ocean cargo, Morocco road freight as well as national and international movers to / in Morocco.

Who ships to Morocco?

Maersk Line, Shipping International and Ameri Cargo are big names in the freight shipping world to Morocco.  Voovit, UPS and FedEx all ship there as well, more catering to the smaller units to be shipped.  Kestral Liners and NEX also ship a fair amount to Morocco, as do MSC and Russell Freight. 

Security concerns when shipping to Morocco

Morocco has put into place a standard of security codes following the attacks on September 11th to help maintain the safety and security of their ports and ships, both coming and going.  This series of security measures is known as the ISPS Codes for maritime security and they must be complied with in order to ship anything there via ocean cargo freight liners.  Beyond these measures, the Moroccan Customs department screens every parcel and goods that enter the country.  Sometimes this can just entail checking paperwork for smaller parcels with minimal declared values.  But at other times this means that they will physically search your shipment to make sure it is in compliance with their rules and regulations. 

Packaging when shipping to Morocco

For smaller parcels, you can choose to prepare your own shipment before sending it off to Morocco or have someone at your shipping company do it for you.  If you are using FedEx, as an example, you can march into one of their store fronts with your items and ask for help.  They will give you all the shipping supplies you need to properly package your shipment as well as help you get all the necessary paperwork filled out to include with your shipment.  Some companies, such as larger freight liners, will not offer this service mainly due to the bulk of the items they tend to ship but you can always ask to see if they do offer something comparable. 

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