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The International Cargo Shipping to New Caledonia (Fr.) Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in New Caledonia (Fr.).We list New Caledonia (Fr.) shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from New Caledonia (Fr.).Services provided are: New Caledonia (Fr.) air cargo, New Caledonia (Fr.) ocean cargo, New Caledonia (Fr.) road freight as well as national and international movers to / in New Caledonia (Fr.).

Customs in New Caledonia (Fr.)

Even though New Caledonia is technically a collectivity of France, they have their own set of laws and regulations there, including their Customs process.  This doesn't mean that the France government does not bestow on them some bylaws.  it just means that they, themselves, have the authority to administer their own Customs procedures and regulations.  With that in mind, you will want to be prepared for your shipments to be thoroughly searched upon arrival to the country, no matter which island you ship to, as they reserve the right to ship everything that comes there.  In reality, this is a random search that occurs and you may or may not be inspected.  The larger or more expensive the items are declared to be, the more likely they are to be searched, as a general rule of thumb.  It is best to make sure you have the correct paperwork filled out before you ship there to help minimize the amount of tiem it takes for your shipment to get through Customs.  Also be prepared to pay any duties or fees that may be assessed on your shipment. 

Transit times when shipping to New Caledonia (Fr.)

The amount of time it takes for your shipment to get to New Caledonia will depend on where you are shipping it from in the first place and how you are shipping it.  Some companies may offer expedited shipping speeds for an additional fee, but you will need to check with your chosen carrier for those options as they do vary by company.

Shipping limitations to New Caledonia (Fr.)

You are currently not allowed to ship any sort of bank notes, coins or money orders to New Caledonia as well as any radio active materials.  You may ship some restricted items, such as used clothing or meat products, but you will need special permission and permits to do so.  It is best to check with their Customs department in regards to getting these documents before you ship as opposed to trying to scramble and pull them together after it is stuck in their Customs department. 

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