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The International Cargo Shipping to Norfolk Island Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in Norfolk Island.We list Norfolk Island shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from Norfolk Island.Services provided are: Norfolk Island air cargo, Norfolk Island ocean cargo, Norfolk Island road freight as well as national and international movers to / in Norfolk Island.

Shipping to Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is technically an external territory of Australia.  That being said, it does get a lot of its laws and regulations through the Australian government, but it does govern itself in many ways.  You can see this overlapping effect in its Customs department.  The Customs officials are technically running the show based the Island's own governing practices, but they do adhere to Australia's guidelines for what is allowed in through their Customs offices such as prohibited and restricted items.  It is because of their overlap that it is best to check with both the Norfolk Island's and Australia's web sites for information on what is allowed to be shipped there and what ever laws may be in place for shipping certain items.  Your shipping company will be able to help you if you have any questions as to what applies to your particular shipment. 

Shipping services to Norfolk Island

Given its close proximity to Australia, pretty much all shipping companies that ship to Australia will service Norfolk Island as well, which give you a ton of options on how to ship.  It is far enough away, however, that there are no bridges or roadways to the island to road freight will not be an option for you.  Ocean cargo freight liners or air mail will be in abundance though so you should not have any trouble finding a carrier to help you.  You will also be able to get a tracking number assigned to your shipment fairly easily through any one of these companies for a nominal fee. 

Transit times when shipping to Norfolk Island

In determining the transit time for your packages to Norfolk Island, you will want to take into account the route it will travel.  If it is going to be making a bunch of stops prior to getting to the Island, then it will obviously take a longer period of time to get to its recipient as opposed to if it is being shipped there directly.  Talk to your shipping company for more details on their expected route of shipping.