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Shipping to Svalbard & Jan Mayen Is

Shipping to Svalbard or Jan Mayen Islands is not exactly the easiest of feats given their geographical locations.  Jan Mayen Islands is actually located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and has no permanent inhabitants, making shipping there not really something that comes up all that often.  When it does, it is usually in regards to a research expedition or something of that nature.  In those contexts the team leading the research, whatever it may be, would be the key piece of the puzzle in how to ship something there that they weren't taking with them in the first place.  Svalbard is easier (relatively) to ship to, given it is closer to Norway.  That being said, it is still mostly visited by researchers of some sort so shipping is not exactly something of an everyday occurrence. 

Customs in Svalbard & Jan Mayen Is

If you were going to ship to either Svalbard or Jan Mayen Islands, you would be expected to follow the rules set forth by the Norwegian government and their Customs department given that they are governed by Norway.  Also, given that these islands are mostly full of Artic wilderness, the environmental safety is of the highest concern when talking about them so anything you send must be environmentally friendly.

Preparing your shipment to Svalbard & Jan Mayen Is

The biggest thing to consider when preparing your shipment to Svalbard or Jan Mayen Islands is the weather.  The temperatures are quite cold there- typically well below freezing- so you would not want to ship anything that would freeze and crack or spoil in such extreme weather conditions.  Also, you will want to take into account the time they quote you it will take for your shipment to get there and adjust your inventory if it makes any difference to what you were thinking of shipping over there.  Theoretically this will make no difference as you will already have taken the weather into account.