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The International Cargo Shipping to Turkmenistan Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in Turkmenistan.We list Turkmenistan shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from Turkmenistan.Services provided are: Turkmenistan air cargo, Turkmenistan ocean cargo, Turkmenistan road freight as well as national and international movers to / in Turkmenistan.

Who ships to Turkmenistan?

Shipping Wordlwide, USA Inter Cargo, NEX and GAC all ship to Turkmenistan, as do Russells Freight and Shipping International.  FedEx and UPS also ship there, catering to the smaller sized parcels, although they can help with larger items too.  Link Shipping and Cargo Force both ship there as well.  Before you choose a carrier to help you with your shipping needs, it is best to get some price quotes from a few different companies so you can compare them to one another and help make your decision. 

Security concerns when shipping to Turkmenistan

The security of your shipment to Turkmenistan is greatly reliant upon where you are shipping it to in the first place.  There are some areas, such as by the borders of Iran, and Afghanistan, that are considered high risk and are at a much higher risk of being compromised.  This is mainly because these areas are fraught with violent outbreaks and war activities, which can affect the day to day routines of life, such as parcel deliveries, whether because some infrastructure (i.e. roads and such) are shut down or damaged or because personnel is redirected to handled an incident.  With this in mind, it is advised that you do not ship anything that is not replacable to this country.  And anything that you do decide to ship, you should get a tracking number on it and some insurance in case it is stolen or damaged. 

Packaging when shipping to Turkmenistan

Before you ship your parcel to Turkmenistan, you will want to ask your shipping company for any guidelines they may have on the size and weight of the package.  Many shipping companies, like FedEx as an example, will have some shipping supplies for you to use like boxes or envelopes, and they may even offer to package your items for you.  Be sure to check with them about the paperwork you need to have with your items for when it gets to the country as well. 

Turkmenistan has International Shipping to: Ashkhabad, Chardzhev, Nebitdag, Turkmenbashi