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International Shipping from / to Vatican City State

The International Cargo Shipping to Vatican City State Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in Vatican City State.We list Vatican City State shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from Vatican City State.Services provided are: Vatican City State air cargo, Vatican City State ocean cargo, Vatican City State road freight as well as national and international movers to / in Vatican City State.

Shipping services to Vatican City State

Given its location, you can ship to the Vatican City State by any means you would like: air mail or road freight cargo liners going directly there. and ocean cargo liners being unloaded elsewhere and then transferred there.  All things being shipped there can have a tracking number attached to them as well as most can have some insurance bought for them as well.  You can also pay for a personal courier to hand deliver your parcels once through Customs, as well as pay for a logistics company to help get your shipments through the Customs process. 

Customs in Vatican City State

The Customs process in the Vatican City State is fairly strict.  You need to have all your paperwork filled out in Italian and Visaed through an Italian consulate otherwise it will be held up in the Customs office until this is rectified.  You need to have a detailed list of the contents of your shipment, written in Italian, and it will be checked against your shipment as opposed to being randomly searched like in other countries.  It is also advisable that you check with both your embassy and the Vatican consulate for up to date requirements for paperwork and shipping limitations before you ship to make sure everyone is all the same page.  Your shipping company can help you get the correct contact information for each of these parties and may be able to assist in the paperwork filing as well so you should ask. 

Transit times when shipping to Vatican City State

The time it takes your shipment to get to the Vatican City State will depend on where you ship it from and how you send it.  Most air mail and road freight shipments will have the option attached to them to ship it a bit faster for an additional fee while most things sent via the ocean are not subject to those expedited options given the mode of travel.  Also take into account the stringent Customs process in your timing factor as that can tack on some time, depending on how organized you have your shipment before you send it out the door.