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The International Cargo Shipping to Venezuela Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in Venezuela.We list Venezuela shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from Venezuela.Services provided are: Venezuela air cargo, Venezuela ocean cargo, Venezuela road freight as well as national and international movers to / in Venezuela.

Shipping to Venezuela

There are some countries, such as the United States, which have trade embargos in place with Venezuela.  It is important to check what these are at the time that you want to ship because they do change and you do not want to attempt to ship something that you are not allowed to and have to face the repercussions. 

Who ships to Venezuela?

There is an overabundance of options when shipping to Venezuela, no matter which mode of transport you choose.  I Move International is a well respected relocation company catering to both business and personal needs.  AmeriCargo, Xoom Cargo, and Shipping International are heavy hitters in the cargo shipping sector, bringing you reliable service while meeting deadlines for deliveries with fair pricings.  You can always count on FedEx, MSC and UPS to make deliveries on time as well. 

Security concerns when shipping to Venezuela

There have been some issues with shipments getting to their designated locations when shipping to Venezuela so that is important to note.  Whether it is stolen before it gets to Customs or if it is someone internal who takes your parcel, the point it is does happen a fair amount, enough that you will want to keep this risk in mind when shipping there.  You should consider pulling out some insurance on your goods before you send something there as a precaution. 

Packaging when shipping to Venezuela

Before you ship your package to Venezuela, you need to make it is packaged properly.  The shipping company you choose should be able to help you with size and weight requirements and they may even offer you some shipping materials to help you such as boxes or shipping tape.  You can always do the packaging yourself as well, but be mindful of any guidelines that they have in place so that you fit into their parameters. 

Venezuela has International Shipping to: Anaco, Araya, Barinas, Caracas, Caracas - Maiquetia International, Caripito, Carupano, Chichiriviche, Ciudad Bolivar, Ciudad Ojeda, Cumana, Cumarebo, Curacao, El Guamache, El Palito, El Tigre, Guiria, Jusepin, La Estacada, La Guaira, Las Morochas, Las Piedras, Maracaibo, Matanzas, Maturin, Palua, Paradero, Pertigalete, Porlamar International - Isla Margarita, Puerto Cabello, Puerto De Hierro, Puerto La Cruz, Puerto Ordaz, Puerto Sucre, Punta Cardon, Punta de Palmas, Punta de Piedra, San Felix, Barcelona, Guanare, Maracay, Merida, San Juna del los Morros

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