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The International Cargo Shipping to Virgin Islands (US) Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in Virgin Islands (US).We list Virgin Islands (US) shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from Virgin Islands (US).Services provided are: Virgin Islands (US) air cargo, Virgin Islands (US) ocean cargo, Virgin Islands (US) road freight as well as national and international movers to / in Virgin Islands (US).

Shipping to Virgin Islands (US)

You can ship to any where you would like in the US Virgin Islands, with everywhere in the island chain being services for delivery, even if some places are slower than others.  You typically can not ship there to a storage locker from an International address, but you should double check with your shipping company about that for the most current rules. 

Security concerns when shipping to Virgin Islands (US)

The main security concern that is associated with shipping to the US Virgin Islands is associated with some light theft.  Some of the Port Authority offices don't exactly have the tightest security going on down there so it leaves the shipments open to some criminals who can swipe a package or two that they think may be valuable.  This does not happen all that often, but often enough to note when you are planning on sending something to one of the islands.  Because of this, it is best to get a tracking number and some insurance out on your parcels just to be safe.

Packaging when shipping to Virgin Islands (US)

When you are getting ready to ship your package to the US Virgin Islands, you will want to take into account the amount of distance it will need to travel and the time frame so that you package your items to their best ability to remain safe and undamaged.  You can consult with your shipping company for size and weight requirements and they may even offer a packaging service to assist you.

Shipping limitations to Virgin Islands (US)

There are only a few items that you are prohibited from shipping to the US Virgin Islands currently, although you should check for the most current list before shipping there.  These items include bearer documents, wet ice, any liquids deemed hazardous, pesticides, and satellites and satellite parts.  You can ship plants and pets there, as examples, but you will need extra documentation and permits to do so before you ship them.

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