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The International Cargo Shipping to Cyprus Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in Cyprus.We list Cyprus shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from Cyprus.Services provided are: Cyprus air cargo, Cyprus ocean cargo, Cyprus road freight as well as national and international movers to / in Cyprus.

Customs in Cyprus

Who ships to Cyprus?

PAT Freight Ltd and Anglo Pacific are both very reputable shipping companies based in the UK that ship to Cyprus, as are Dynamic Freight Shipping and Move Corp.  Naturally FedEx and UPS both ship there as well, both of which typically offer home or office pick up of your parcels before they ship as an added convenience.  Fast Lane Forwarding and Voovit are good companies to look at if you are trying to ship your car or vehicle there though as that is what they specialize in.  No matter who you pick, make sure you check their references and that they offer insurance coverage for your package, no matter the size, if you so choose to opt for it. 

Security concerns when shipping to Cyprus

When shipping to Cyprus, the only notable security concern is pertaining to the activity of piracy in the waters.  Obviously this would effect ocean cargo vessels as opposed to air cargo holds, and the occurrence of such acts are not too terribly common, just a matter of some random acts throughout Cyprus' history so it is worth noting.  The ships heading to the region do have security measures in place to ward off such attacks nowadays, thereby thwarting the attacks in most cases. 

Transit times when shipping to Cyprus

The amount of time that it will take your package to get from your drop off location to Cyprus depends mainly on where it is shipping from and the mode that you choose to send it.  Seeing how a lot of cargo gets to Cyprus via ocean cargo freight liners and this is the slowest form of shipping that one could pick, it could conceivably take a bit of time for your shipment to get there.  If you choose to send it via air mail, it will get there significantly faster.  It is best to ask your shipping company for a more accurate shipping speed pertaining to your specific shipment. 

Shipping limitations to Cyprus

Cyprus has International Shipping to: Akrotiri, Larnaca

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