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International Express Shipping to Cyprus

Does your company offer international express shipping to Cyprus? If so, then please email your information to me as I have the need to send an express package to Cyprus from the United States. The package is ready for shipping. Just let me know whether to drop it off at a shipping location or if you prefer to pick it up at my home. Please include in your email how much it will cost to send this package express. I would also like to know how long it will take for you to deliver this package? Can you deliver this box of candles undamaged? If the package is damaged during transit, do you pay the replacement cost of the package's contents? If you include tracking services, when will I be given the tracking number? Do you require a signature for deliver, or is this an additional charge? Do you also provide return service if the package is undeliverable for any reason? I want to ship this package right away, so if you will send me your information as soon as possible, I will appreciate it.