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Shipping to Philippines from Australia

Hi, could you provide a quote for packing all my belongings and sending them to the Philippines from Australia? I do have quite a few things that I would like to bring. Apart from my personal items, I want my king-size bed, 2 road bikes, elliptical machine, several boxes of hardbound books, coffee maker, air purifier, 41â?? LED TV, entertainment system, Xbox and a PS3 to be shipped as well. Since I am working for an I.T. company, I will require a lot of sensitive gadgets to be transported as well like several external drives, three laptops, docking stations, 2 personal computers (two monitors, two CPUs and accessories), 2 iPads. Of course, a final list of items would be provided. It is essential that all my belongings especially my gadgets will be properly packed and carefully shipped to prevent damage of any sort. My life and my livelihood depend on these items and I would want all these will arrive to their destination whole and on time.