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Moving from China to Argentina

Hi. Because of work, I would be transferring from Chengdu, China to Santa Fe, Argentina in a monthâ??s time. I want to ask if youâ??ll be able to ship my personal items in a timely manner. I would be shipping a glass dining table, buffet table, tall grandfather clock, two queen size beds and mattresses, an electronic treadmill, 32 inch LCD tv with stand, entertainment center, washer and dryer set, two electric guitars, and about 10-15 large boxes full of shoes and bags. Can you give me an estimate for these items? Also, include in your quote how you are going to pack and ship my items. I do not want them to be damaged or scratched. How long will it take for them to arrive in their destination? I would prefer them to arrive on the same day as I would for convenience. This is my first time to use a service such as yours and I would appreciate it if you would provide other useful information as well. Thank you. I hope to receive your price quotation soon.