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Moving to Australia from South Africa

I hope you could help me. My family and I will be moving from Cape Town, South Africa to Perth, Australia in three weeks. I have been continuously looking for a shipping company but haven�t found one that satisfies me. I really hope that your company would be the one. I am looking for excellent and knowledgeable service from you as well as competitive pricing. I will be shipping a king size bed, two double decker beds (single size), 3 LCD TVs of varying sizes (specifications to follow), a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, 2 laptops and 1 personal computer, dish dryer, gas oven, air purifier, 2 leather couches (3-4 seaters), La-Z-Boy, several boxes of clothes, footwear, china, and other personal items. How will these items be shipped to Australia? I want assurance that all my belongings will be handled carefully and will arrive at their destination safe and without damage. Punctuality is also important so I would expect them to arrive at the latest a day after we do. I do hope that you�ll offer a fair price quote. If you have shipped items to the same location, please don�t hesitate to share some useful information. Thank you.