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Hello. I was recommended by my friend and she told me that you provide shipping to France. Is this possible? I will be moving to Dijon, Burgundy, France from Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia in Greece in about two to three weeks. How many days would it take for the shipment to arrive? Is three weeks enough? I hope that my items would arrive in France in the same day as I would. I am not really sure about the stuff that I would be bringing but surely I would like my bed (Iâ??m not sure about the size), several bookcases and books, Xbox and PlayStation, 2 office desks, 4 seater dining table, wall mounted cabinet, LED TV with wall mount, an electric guitar, microwave oven, and refrigerator. Of course, my clothes, footwear and other personal items would be included. I would be providing a full list if you require it. Because I have no time, I hope your guys will be the ones to do all the securing and packing. And I hope thereâ??s no extra charge for this. Please email me as soon as possible. I need to secure everything since Iâ??ll be leaving in 3 weeks.