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My husband and I would like to get some quotes on shipping rates to France please and we hear this is the best place to do it. Our daughter will be studying there in Nice and we would like to be able to send care packages back and forth on a semi regular basis so that she has some comforts from home like fresh baked cookies, maybe some family photos from time to time or maybe some books or something. We would most likely not be shipping anything to terribly large or heavy, but would need it to be shipped in a timely manner when sending baked goods so that they stay fresh. We are in Ireland, just outside Dublin, if that helps with the pricing structure of your quotes. Please let us know what is and is not allowed to be shipped as well such as maybe an ice pack to help keep chocolate from from melting during shipment in the warmer months. Also let me know the sizing requirements if there are any for us to contend with. Thank you,