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Hi, do you have any services that include shipping to Israel? I will be visiting Ramla, Israel from Mexico City, City in a month and I want to ship different items for my friends in advance. The items I want to ship are actually boxes of food ingredients including local cheeses, spices, hot sauces and chocolates, souvenirs, clothes and more. So, do you think you can accommodate these products? If I include bottles of liquor, would that be allowed too? Won’t it be confiscated or something? Please email me your rates immediately and include extra fees or costs if any. If you could, enclose a list of items that are prohibited and allowed. I don’t want to buy certain items that turn out to be banned. This will be my first time to ship anything and I am really nervous about the outcome. I don’t want to ship countless items and just be screwed over in the end. I really hope that I can trust your company to send out my items promptly, without loss and without damage. Please send the rates to me as soon as possible. Thank you.