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Hello, I am asking for your list of rates for shipping to South Africa. I will be moving to the new country in about two to three weeks and I really want my furniture with me. I will be requiring your good company to ship out my dining table, king size bed, armoire, dresser, wooden chest, air conditioner, water purifiers, LED TV and many big containers of clothes and shoes. I am from Manila Philippines and will be transferring to Johannesburg, South Africa. How will you wrap my things? Will they be bubble wrapped or just simply packed with newspaper? Will your guys come over to the house to pack and get my stuff? This is important to because I don’t have a van to transport the items. I hope that my items arrive on time, safe and with absolutely no scratches. Please send me your rates as soon as possible through email. Include contact numbers is you can so I can call anytime if your advice is needed on the preparation of the shipment. Thank you and please contact me. I hope to hear from you soon.