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Shipping from Italy to Australia

Hello, I am interested in shipping 50 cookbooks from Italy to Australia and would like them to be delivered within a week. It's imperative that they arrive on time since I am a guest on a cooking show and would like to giveaway my books whilst I am there. Since 50 hardcover books are quite heavy, I need to know how many and what size boxes to pack them in. I am more concerned about delivery time than cost; however I would like the rate to be fair and competitive. Also, given the importance and time-sensitivity of this shipment, what guarantees can you provide so I am reassured that my package will be delivered on-time or perhaps even earlier than expected? If this delivery goes as promised, I will have more international deliveries in the future and would like to find a reliable company that I can use on a regular basis. Please reply as soon as possible so I can post my box/boxes within the next three days. I look forward to your response and appreciate your time.