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Shipping Novelty Items to New Zealand

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I am posting on behalf of the main buyer for Oriental Trading Company, America's largest supplier of party supplies and novelty items. We are going to getting into the New Zealand market and therefore need to establish a shipping contract for our wide range of products to be delivered there at regular intervals. We are starting to deploy our products in New Zealand in a tiered approach, only bringing about half of our offerings to the marketplace at first so we can establish ourselves. Once we have carved out a piece of the market over there, we will be adding the rest of our product line in two phases. Because of this tiered approach, we will need a flexible contract for shipping our products from the United States to New Zealand because we are forecasting the volume to increase rapidly. Please keep this in mind as you submit your proposals for shipping costs as this will be key in our decision making process. Also feel free to ask any questions before you send in your bids if needed. Thank you.