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I am being relocated to Australia for work and need to ship some personal items to Australia. My official start date is January 15th so I have a little bit of time before I need to get there, but I would like to be set up by the New Year so I can have a little bit of time to get acclimated to my new surroundings. My personal items that I need to have shipped include some light furnishings such as my couch and bed frame and a few boxes of personal affects with things like pictures and such with them. All items will need to be insured for damage and in the event that they are lost, which hopefully will not have to be enacted upon, but would make me feel a bit more at ease when shipping them. I know I can go with FedEx or UPS but I am hoping to get some better pricing options, especially for the larger items like my couch and such. My company is not reimbursing me for these fees so hopefully the costs can be kept low.