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Shipping to Lisbon, Portugal

Can someone please help me with some information on shipping animals to Lisbon, Portugal? My husband and I are being relocated there in our jobs next month and we have a cat and two dogs we need to get there. We are currently in Denmark, if that helps at all. Basically I need to know what shots or veterinarian records we need to have in place to get the animals safely in Portugal as well as what crates are allowed for shipping. Also, we have heard that some countries make you quarantine the animals before you are allowed to bring them home to make sure they are not bringing any foreign diseases with them. Please advise if this is the case with Portugal and if so, what is the procedure and cost of said quarantine. To recap, we need a price quote for shipping all three animals to Portugal, any quarantine rules and procedures that we need to know along with costs associated with it, and whatever vet records or shots we need to have proof of before the transport.