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My name is Lisa I live in France, my two sons recently moved to South Africa as they were looking for some kind of adventurous trip, they are suppose to stay over there for 2 months at some south African people they knew over the internet, I am really not comfortable with this trip, as I heard they can get a lot of diseases, So I want to make sure they are safe and eating healthy food, I don't know if I can ship them some canned and frozen food over there. I am looking for companies that do offer the services of shipping to South Africa. I just want to ship canned food like tuna, corn, mushrooms, beans and pineapples, as well if I can send them frozen meat and chicken. I am not sure whether is there is any shipping company that does provide such service, i know there is companies that offer shipping of furniture but I am not sure when it comes to food. as well do you pay according to the weight of the stuff or what?