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Our company manufacturers gidgets here in Hong Kong. We recently won a contract and we need to inquire into shipping to South Korea. While our products are not heavy, they are not small. They are about the size of an end table. They are also not fragile, but they could be damaged if they are not packaged properly prior to shipping. What we need to know from your company is what is the best method to package our products so they will arrive at the destination undamaged? Also, does your company sell this material? Does your company also sell the boxes we need? I should also inquire as to whether your company can do our actual shipping for us as well. Please email me with the answers to our questions. Also, please provide your most recent pricing schedule for all necessary services that you can offer to us. We are not really pressed for time at the moment as our contract begins within 2 months. But the sooner we have access to your information, the sooner we can plan on how it is best to proceed. Thanks.