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Hello. We need to send material to our customers and are in need of shipping to Singapore from Norway. Please send us your prices. We need to know how fast you can deliver and whether you will do pick up every day of the week. We need to know if our shipment will arrive on time generally and if you make door to door delivery. We also need to know your policies regarding delays. What guarantees can you give us? The material we send is fragile and we need to have the guarantee that it will arrive intact. We also want to see what security measures you use due to the fragile nature of the material we are sending. How soon can we receive all this information? Our first shipment should be beginning January. Will you be able to make delivery on short notice? What are your minimums for these kinds of transports? Do we need to rent a shipping container separately? Please also include priced for larger volumes in your proposal. Do you offer wholesale prices? Kind regards.