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If your company is experienced in international shipping to Croatia, then please contact me as I have a package to send to Sisak, Croatia. I will send the package from Samara, Russia. The package is for my niece who is visiting her family. There is nothing in the package that is fragile, but I would still like your assurances that the package will be handled with great care. When you email me with your information, please include answers to my questions. How much will this cost to send? Do you have an estimated time of delivery? Can I track the shipment by using the tracking information you provide? Are there any taxes or fees that I must pay that will be in addition to the shipping charges? What happens if my package is held up at customs for some reason? Do you include any customs paperwork for me to complete before I send the package? I want to send this package by next week. You can help with this by sending me your information asap. Thank you.