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My mother lives in Prague, Czech Republic and asked me to send her some jewelry whenever I find them for a good price. She collects things like this so I always enjoy looking for new items to send for her to add to her collection. Since I am shipping jewelry, I must inquire in whether insurance is available when I ship packages with your company. How much additional cost will this add? For that matter, about how much will it cost for me to ship to Prague from Israel? If your company is not the company that will either pickup or deliver this package, do you know who the company is that will do either? If it is not your company, do you make the arrangements or do I? Can you provide me with an estimated date of delivery? Does your company provide tracking information so I can track this shipment via the Internet? Given the nature of the package's contents, my having tracking info would be a big benefit. Thanks for your information and I look forward to reading it.