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The International Cargo Shipping to Czech Republic Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in Czech Republic.We list Czech Republic shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from Czech Republic.Services provided are: Czech Republic air cargo, Czech Republic ocean cargo, Czech Republic road freight as well as national and international movers to / in Czech Republic.

Preparing your shipment to Czech Republic

You should note that there is generally a 60 inch by 108 inches size restriction on packages when shipping to the Czech Republic.  If your package is larger than this, you will probably have to opt to go with a larger carrier than UPS or FedEx and look into a freight carrier of sorts.  The size requirements do vary by shipping companies though so it is best to check with them when preparing your shipment.  Cargo shipping companies will have guidelines for weight and size as well but will obviously be able to cater to larger shipments. 

Tracking your shipping to Czech Republic

It is wise to get a tracking number to go with your shipment to the Czech Republic.  You can get a tracking number and corresponding bar code that will be scanned as it goes to each stop along its route, reporting back to you or a central web site that you can check.  You can also get a delivery confirmation receipt sent back to you so you know when it gets there and who signs for it.  Depending on what you send, you may want to also opt for some shipping insurance.  This will give you the peace of mind that your package will be safely delivered or, at the very least, you will get reimbursed for its value. 

Shipping limitations to Czech Republic

Obviously this list changes so you should look on line for a current one, but some of things restricted to send to the Czech Republic are things like hazardous materials and infectious substances.  These types of things are restricted to being sent to many countries so should come as no surprise.  In addition to those there are a few items that may seem out of the norm though such as playing cards and chain letters.  You are also not allowed to send in any publications, drawings or any propaganda that is contrary to the State's public order.  For more details on what that means, it is best to check their Custom's department's web site or check with your shipping company so that you don't have any issues. 

Czech Republic has International Shipping to: Brno - Turany International, Pardubice International, Prague, Cheb, Korlovy Vary, Liberec, Ostrava

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