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Expedited International shipping to Czech Republic

Huirkem Industries
Posted by: Robert Tuscadero

Next week my company must make arrangements for expedited international shipping to Czech Republic. We are shipping from our facility at Mexico City, Mexico. How long will it take for you to deliver this shipment to our customer in Czech Republic? Will you also be the same company who will provide the pickup service? Or will there be more than one company involved in the completion of this delivery? What assurances can you provide that you will deliver this shipment on time? Do you offer a guaranteed delivery that will take place by a specified day? What precautions will you take so there are no damages incurred by our shipment? If there are damages that occur during shipping, will you pay for those damages up to the declared value? Do you provide tracking information? How can we access that information? Since we have so many questions about your shipping services, will you send us an information email so that we may review it before we commit to using your company's shipping services? Thanks for sending this to us.