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I am shipping a package through international shipping to Hong Kong from the United States. If your company either has a drop box here in New Jersey that I can drop off this package for shipment, or your company can arrange for a pickup at my home, then please contact me as soon as possible as I have a package that is ready for shipping today. The package contains a box of pictures that my family has taken while in the United States on holiday. We will prefer to ship them back to our home rather than have the images subjected to the x-ray machines at the airports. In addition, this also affords our parents the chance to enjoy our vacation images. The packaging is 1 ft by 1 ft by 1 ft in dimensions and weighs less than 2 pound. Shipping by express method is not necessary as we will still be on vacation for several more days, so the pictures will be in Hong Kong long before we return anyway. Thank you for sending me your information.