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I must send a package to my niece so I have posted my questions here for those companies who offer international shipping to Bolivia services. The package will contain a few articles of clothing as well as a few DVDs. My niece is living in Bolivia while visiting her family and wants me to ship these items to her. How much do you charge to ship a package that weighs about 4 pounds, and is the dimensions of 2 ft by 1 ft by 1 ft? Do you guarantee delivery? Can you assure me the package will arrive undamaged? What happens if the package is lost or damaged during shipping? Do you also offer express services? If so, then please send that information to me as well. Thank you for replying as soon as possible as I want to ship these items right away. Does your company have a drop off location here in Dallas, Texas, in the United States? If so, please include that information as well.