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Expedited Shipping to Pakistan

Posted by: Usef Nueben

I need to ship a package to my brother who lives just outside of Karachi, Pakistan. Does your company offer expedited shipping to Pakistan? Since much of the travel time for this shipment would likely be by air anyway, how can I tell the difference between a normal shipping time and an expedited shipping time? How long will you estimate the delivery time for this shipment to take since it will be shipped from Athens, Greece? I want to ship this within the next couple of days. Does your company have a drop off service here in Athens? How much do you estimate the shipping charges to be for a package that is 2 ft in length by 1.5 ft in width, and 1 ft deep? Oh, and it weighs less than 4 pounds. If your company damages this package do you pay for it? How long would it take for you to complete payment? I have given you my email address. Please send this shipping information there so I will know you sent it. Thanks.