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Package International shipping to United Arab Emirates

Posted by: Antione Espy

Yes, I am here to inquire into Package International shipping to United Arab Emirates. My employer has received an order for a few items, and I must admit that we have not previously shipped to this location. What should we consider before we ship a package to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? Are there any special documents that we must prepare? How can we obtain the duty and tax estimates for packages being shipped into the UAE? We must rely upon your company's professional expertise in preparing this shipment. How can we obtain your shipping rates and billing information? May we also be able to obtain your company's scheduling, tracking, and any other details about shipping a package to the UAE? What shipping options does your company provide for packages being shipped to the UAE? Are there any items that are restricted from entering the UAE by law or by regulation? I will be happy to further explain the details of our shipment if you will include your company's contact information with your initial information package. Thank you for making this information available and for responding to our inquiry.