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Containerized International shipping to United Kingdom (UK)

Posted by: Greta Maxwell

Hello to all and thank you for responding to my inquiry about containerized international shipping to United Kingdom (UK). My company is processing an order that will be ready to load into an empty 45 ft container at our facility here in Augusta, Georgia, United States by the end of the week. How much of a notice does your company require before you can schedule a pickup appointment? How long will it take you to deliver this shipment to our customer in the United Kingdom (UK)? To be more specific, the final destination is located at Manchester. Does your company have the necessary licenses, insurance, and permits to complete this delivery between these two locations, and on an ocean going vessel? Are you also capable of resolving any losses due to theft or damage? Does your company provide us with updates each time the shipment's status changes? Are we able to monitor this status online, or will we receive email updates? Thanks for sending us this information as soon as possible to our email address as provided to this forum.