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Package International shipping to United States

Unireot Inc.
Posted by: Fedde Brosmer

My employer is in the planning stage of package international shipping to the United States. What advice can your company provide to us before we begin shipping? What is the accepted procedure for shipments bound for the United States when the packages arrive at their customs checkpoints? Is there any way that we can find out if our products are on the U.S. Customs restricted lists? What happens if our shipments arrive at customs and it is delayed or even impounded? Will we be notified of such activity? Will we be afforded options to either clear customs or have our shipment returned to us? Will your company email us with your shipping options? Will you also include your billing, claims, and other shipping terms for us to review? What information is necessary for us to have an account setup so we can begin shipping with your company? Does this account setup include online access to our shipping, billing, and other account information? Please also include if your company is properly licensed and insured to complete shipments between Germany and the United States.