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Containerized International shipping to Australia

Posted by: Federico Brummer

I am processing an order that will require containerized international shipping to Australia to complete. The company that I am employed, is located near Bremen, Germany. So access to a port terminal is not a problem. However, we need to have the shipping arrangements in place before the order is ready for shipping. This is scheduled to occur by the first of next week. How soon can your company schedule a pickup appointment and bring an empty 45 ft container that is ready for loading? Does your company have a standard information package that you email to prospective customers that describes your company and its available shipping services? If so, will you email that information package to me at the included email address? Please include a contact so that we may continue discussing this and future shipments? Will this contact also be the one that we will have communication once our account is setup? Please also include your claims policy, as well as the payment options you have available as well. And one final question for now is what is the estimated time of delivery for shipments that are dispatched between Germany and Australia?