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Antiques and Accessories Unlimited
Posted by: Grace Barnet

Good afternoon! I am the proud owner of Antiques and Accessories Unlimited which is an antique boutique located just outside of Florence in Italy. I have just gotten a very enthusiastic customer who purchased several really wonderful pieces for their home in Seychelles. The normal shipping company I use is asking and arm and a leg to ship these there for him so I thought I would see if any one else can accommodate and what the price would be to do so. He purchased four pieces in total: one armoir, one leather and wood claw footed couch, one brocade upholstered arm chair, and one oak book case. All of these pieces will be wrapped extensively so that they do not get damaged during transit but we would like to get some insurance on them in addition to whatever you normally offer so please let us know what charges there would be for that as well. Thank you.