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Expedited International shipping to Sweden

Posted by: Luigi Gibilisco

Thanks for replying to my questions about international shipping to Sweden. I am processing an order at our warehouse here in Dover, Delaware, in the United States. This is a rush order, so please only respond if your company offers expedited shipping services between the United States and Sweden. Although I am requesting that you email me an information packet, I would like to ask a couple of questions that I trust you can answer. How soon will you be available to provide a pickup service at our warehouse? Do you require an advance notice? Or do you provide will call pickups as well? When will you deliver this package to Sweden? Can you guarantee that delivery day? Do you provide tracking information as part of your expedited shipping service? How can I access that tracking information? I have included my direct contact information with this forum. So please send your information and respond to my questions through that address. Thanks for responding as soon as possible.