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Express International shipping to Saudi Arabia

Posted by: Marcelo Gabaldon

How is it best to prepare a shipment for express international shipping to Saudi Arabia? My company is preparing a shipment at our facility at Miami, Florida, in the United States. It will be a less than truckload (LTL) shipment, so we do not require an empty container to load. However, since our customer has requested an express delivery, I can only accept information from companies that provide express air cargo shipping services at this time. When will you be available to provide a pickup service at our warehouse here in Miami? There are 3 pallets of pre-stacked and shrink wrapped materials that are ready for shipping now. The gross weight of this shipment is 340 pounds. When you email me information about your shipping services, can you include an estimate of how much you will charge for this shipment? Can you also include when you will deliver it? Can you guarantee this delivery day?