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International package shipping to Belgium

A Full Harvest Moon LLC
Posted by: Jennifer Kottis

I am hoping to find some help with some international shipping on here please. My company, A Full Harvest Moon LLC, needs to be able to ship some packages to some new clients in Belgium. We are based in Breda, in the Netherlands and need to ship to Mons, in Southern Belgium. The shipments will vary in size but if you could include with your responses any standardizations or height and weight requirements you have as a company, that would be really useful information to have on hand. Our products include things like dried fruits and nuts, freeze dried healthy and organic snacks, and research literature on our products. We will be checking for any restrictions on shipping to Belgium before we ship anything new there so you need not worry about that piece of the puzzle. We are also willing to take our shipments to a centralized locations for drop off if you do not pick up from our offices. Just please note which works best for your company when you place your bids.