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Gascon Company
Posted by: Fortunato Acquaviva

I am about to place my first international shipment so I am posting here to ask a few questions about express international shipping to Denmark. I am shipping from my employer's facility here at New York City, New York, in the United States. Is shipping internationally that much different than shipping domestically? I realize there is documentation for customs, but is the packaging preparations any different? I always take precautions to protect the products from being damaged during shipping. I just wonder if I should add a little more protection due to the increased distance the shipment must travel. How soon can I and my customer expect you to deliver this express shipment? Do you have a guaranteed delivery on international shipments? If so, is that at an added cost? How much extra? Please include when you will be available to pickup this package at our facility. The shipment will be ready by the first of the week. I appreciate your sending information that will respond to my questions.