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Posted by: Furlo Albanese

I appreciate your responding to my questions about package international shipping to Finland. My shipment's point of origin will be from our warehouse here at Dover, Delaware, in the United States. Our shipment will be a wooden crate that is about 5 ft long, 3 ft wide, and 3.5 ft deep. the gross weight will be 132 pounds. We will have this ready to ship by the middle of next week. How much of an advance notice do you require before you will be ready to accept a pickup appointment? Would you recommend shipping by using the air cargo system, or the ocean freight system? We have little preference for either, provided the cargo is delivered to our customer in Finland within a reasonable time. What would be the scheduling for each cargo system? Will you email an information package that describes your company's shipping services? Also, is there anyone I may speak with should I have any further questions? Thanks.