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Expedited International shipping to China

Posted by: Garcia Terrones

Expedited international shipping to China, is a topic that I must learn more about. This is due to our company having recently acquired a contract that will require us to ship to this customer each week. So the shipping company that we will work with is likely to become a long-term shipping arrangement. Is this something your company would be worth pursuing? Our facility is located near Madrid, Spain. Therefore, we are located within the primary shipping areas. Since these shipments will require an express or expedited shipping method, we must insist upon the use of the air freight system. Do you have a current rate sheet that you can email me? Will this also include your shipping schedules? What is your time schedule that it will take you to deliver an expedited shipment between Spain and China? Is this a schedule you will guarantee? Do you provide tracking information? It will be appreciate if you will send us this information as soon as possible, as we must have sufficient time to review this and determine our best options. Thank you.