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CFB Financials and Records Inc
Posted by: Linda Petros

Good morning all! I need some help locating an International shipping company to help with moving an office from Budapest, Hungary to Bucharest, Romania. The move will need to take place within the next six weeks so if you can not accommodate this time schedule, please move past this post onto another one. We are going to need to move our entire thirty six person office so there is quite a bit to move, I am afraid. There will be desks, chairs, tables, couches and recliners from the lobby, as well as filing cabinets and art work from the walls that will need to make the move. We will also have over two hundred boxes of files and desk contents to be moved as well. Please let us know if you offer help with the unpacking for the move, but we will take care of all the packing and prepping for you. Thank you for your interest in this job!