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Containerized International shipping to Singapore

Posted by: Blasio Muzquiz

I work for a small company that is located just outside of Mexico City, Mexico. We are processing an order that will require Containerized international shipping to Singapore. We need you to make available, a 48 ft ocean container. This will be sufficient for us to fully load our shipment. Once loaded, the gross weight of this shipment will be 11 metric tonnes. If you must know, the tare weight of this shipment is approximately 10.5 metric tonnes. When will you be able to make an empty container available for us to load? Once loaded, what is your estimated time to deliver this shipment to Singapore? Also, how much will you charge us to ship this cargo with your company? Will this charge include any duties, taxes, or fees, that may be imposed at any point during the shipping process? Please include this information to the contact information I have included with this forum. And thank you for making this available. Also, is there someone that we may be able to communicate with should we have any further questions? Thanks.