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International tool shipping to Latvia

Tough Tools Company
Posted by: Henry Strong

My company, Tough Tools Company, is based in Siauliai, Lithuania and will remain there. We have, however, made some arrangements with a reseller in Latvia to sell our tools there. We need to find an International shipping company that can ship to their warehouses in Liepaga, Latvia where they will process our inventory that we send them and ship them to their stores. We would like to begin these shipments of our builder's grade tools in mid May assuming we can get all the permits lined up by then. If you have a standard of regulations on Customs forms to ship into Latvia, that would be extremely helpful for us to cross check what we have found by looking on line. We are tentatively planning on shipping twice a month, but will adjust that as we get into the market and see what the demand is there. If you could respond fairly quickly, that would be helpful.