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International building material shipping to Panama

Build It Big Building Supplies Company
Posted by: Harold Parks

Build It Big Building Supplies Company has gotten a contract with a builder in Panama who is contracted to build an entire strip mall in the city center, which is a fairly big contract to get in that country. We have been chosen as their builder materials supplier. We need to find a good International shipping company to get our products from our warehouses in Cartago, Costa Rico to the ob site in Panama City, Panama. Items that we will want to have shipped will be things like steel beams, lumbers, nails and rivets, bolts and even building tools like hammers, nail guns, and screwdrivers. We will also need to ship a few heavy machines there such as bull dozers and fork lifts. These heavy machines are only on loan though so will need to be shipped back once the job in complete in a few months time so please keep that in mind when formulating your quote.