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International furniture shipping to Colombia

Hopkins Furnishings
Posted by: Camilla Hopkins

Hopkins Furnishings is going to start doing some business in Columbia at the start of the summer season. We would like to find an International shipping company to be able to ship to Columbia to our resellers there from our work shops in Caracas, Venezuela. We do not care if the shipping occurs via an ocean freight cargo liner or a road freight truck. we assume that sending the pieces of furniture via air mail will be the most expensive, but please correct me if I am wrong. Ideally we would like to start shipping on June first or close there to as that is when our resellers will be able to take our inventory into their warehouses. The initial shipment will be of forty three pieces of furniture, most of wood and steel. I can send a complete list of dimensions and such of you so require. Just let me know and I will send them over.