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International office supplies shipping to Pakistan

Office Materials Unlimited Inc
Posted by: Reana Livingston

Hi there. I am with Office Materials Unlimited Inc and we are a office supplies company that caters to the information technology industry, but we can supply any industry with basic office supplies really. We have just signed a new client in Karachi, Pakistan and I need to figure out the shipping fees that will be associated with sending our products there. They are actually going to be reselling our products so we will need to forge a long lasting International shipping relationship with whichever shipper we ultimately choose to help us. The types of things that we sell are promotional items like monogrammed pens and pencils. We also sell reams of paper, tablets, computer accessories and other office essentials. Our closest warehouses are in Ras Al-Khalmah in the Untied Arab Emirates so all orders will be originating from there. Please respond quickly if you can help me with this route as we would like to start as soon as possible.