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Friends of the Roman Catholic Church of Greece
Posted by: Clare Parks

Friends of the Roman Catholic Church of Greece are going to be sending some documents and other items to our partners in the Netherlands and I need to find an affordable way to ship these items Internationally. We are based out of Athens, Greece so all packages will be coming from here. I do not need to have them picked up directly from our offices at the church, bit that would be convenient if this is an option. please advise on this point. We are trying to send some literature for distribution there as well as some Bibles and brochures. We have a pretty extensive network already mapped out that will help spread our message, but they do need our supplies to be able to get to work. Seeing as how we are a non profit, we would like to keep the costs down as much as possible. The speed of these shipments can be as slow as needed to save us some money, if that helps at all. Thank you and God bless.